Company profile

Establishment of the Hobl&Pech company

The Hobl & Pech company was founded in 1990 by two engineers - Oldřich Hobl and Jiří Pech. They both had already had extensive experience with transport operation. Ing. Pech knew transport operation from the practical side and Ing. Hobl was a brilliant programmer. This combination allowed for creation of the first version of DMD - a transport operation management software. Since the company was self-sufficient from the beginning and never needed a loan, it was always possible to invest majority of the profit into software development and testing and thus bring it to the top level.

First clients

The first companies that bought DMD were Doly Zbůch, Berger Bohemia and Armabeton Plzeň. Ing. Pech worked in these companies in different positions, mainly as driver, and so he offered them the software first. DMD was successful and the Hobl & Pech company could grow. In 1993, legal form of the company changed into Ltd. and it’s been like that since then.

The present

In 1999, the company opened a branch in Slovakia and now the DMD system is used to monitor and evaluate operation of over 50 000 vehicles and mechanisms. Many well known companies use the system. The Hobl&Pech company employs eight people in Czech republic and two in Slovakia. All of them have practical experience with transport operation or are experienced programmers who also know the topic of transport operation very well. Since 2012, the Hobl&Pech company has had a concession to do motor transport. The aim of that is to be in touch with the transport operation continuously and also an opportunity to test our products in real-world conditions. And that is a great advantage thanks to which we can easily communicate with dispatchers, programmers and everyone who uses DMD.

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