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The DMD system is universally applicable in a wide range of companies that are in logistics or construction business.


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The DMD system is also widely applicable in companies that process and produce foods as well as wholesale and distribution companies. Its flexibility and complexity will appeal to every transport operator.



You can see the DMD system anytime in real operation without even telling us. Just contact the Metrostav or the Technické služby Hradec Králové company.


DMD - A reliable SW for transport operation management

Are you looking for a transport operation management software that is easy to integrate into your information system and can also monitor everything from small mechanisms up to a truck? Join the group of satisfied users of DMD system from the Hobl & Pech company. Since 1990, our system has been helping with planning, managing and monitoring of transport and mechanization operations. DMD system is easy to use and applicable in transport operations that run a fleet of tens or thousands of vehicles and mechanisms. Choose an easy to use and reliable solution – contact us now.


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Why choose DMD

  • Simple and fast integration into your information system.
  • Saves up to 25% of costs for transport and mechanization operation management and a considerable percentage of running costs too.
  • Suitable for mechanisms from chainsaws to cranes and trucks.
  • Intuitive user interface - anyone can use the system after a short training.
  • Reliable software that never disappointed.

Get more information about DMD and contact us now.

System suitable for businesses as well as municipalities

DMD is a complex software system that can be implemented in operations with small as well as large number of monitored units. Individual modules of the system can be easily enabled or disabled and thus allow its use in optimal range based on user needs. Detailed information can be found on the Products page or by contacting us.

Get to know DMD

You can see DMD system anytime in real operation without even telling us. Just contact the Metrostav company (CZ), Technické služby Hradec Králové company (CZ) or the Mecom Group company (SK) and arrange a meeting. DMD can also be demonstrated in our office. We own an IVECO Eurocargo tipper truck with a hydraulic arm for the purposes of software development and testing. We’ll show you the system in real operation. Contact us and get to know DMD - a software system that definitely works.

DMD - A reliable SW for transport operation management

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