Benefits of DMD - of a transport operation management system

  • Significantly more efficient management of transport and mechanization operations.
  • Instant evaluation of cost ratio and profitability of individual transport orders.
  • Simplifies work of dispatchers, garage foremen as well as managers.
  • Error prevention in the phases of order collection, operation data entry and billing.
  • Checks compliance with legislative standards and provides clear evidence of conformance for inspection authorities.
  • Speeds up the flow of information about car fleet operations.

From planning to evaluation

Transport operation management system DMD works in three phases - planning, operation data collection & entry and evaluation:

  • Planning phase includes acceptance of orders, transport planning and creation of necessary documents. It is also possible to enable AETR calculation here which helps the dispatchers with drivers' operation planning. AETR is calculated in accordance with European Regulations (EC) No 561/ 2006 and (EU) No 165/ 2014 based on already carried out operations of drivers and operations that are not yet carried out but are already planned in DMD.
  • In the vehicle operation record phase, the actual vehicle operation data is collected and entered into the system.
  • The evaluation phase then allows for fast and reliable billing, fuel consumption evaluation, wages calculation, total costs calculation and report creation. This phase also allows for effective car fleet maintenance and human resources management.

To put it simply – you will save both time and money with DMD system because:

  • you always have an economic performance overview of every monitored unit of your car fleet,
  • you will speed up the money circulation,
  • you will be alerted to do vehicle maintenance and driver training in time.

Plus, you have DMD - a system that was created professionally and is perfectly integrated into your existing information system environment. Find out more about DMD and contact us now.

Functional areas of DMD

DMD system can do a lot of things and has by far the greatest scope from the solutions that are being offered. Below, you’ll find a list of all the modules that DMD contains. Naturally, you are interested in answers to your own questions. Save your time, contact us and we will gladly answer them, demonstrate our system to you and give you all the details.

  • Order acceptance
  • Transport planning
  • Optimization of delivery and collection type of transport
  • Necessary document printing and export
  • Collection, entry and checking of operation data
  • Billing
  • Calculation of wages and travel reimbursement
  • Monitoring and evaluation of fuel consumption
  • Management of car fleet maintenance
  • Management of car fleet cost ratio and profitability
  • Management of order profitability
  • Checking and planning the compliance with Decree 561/2006
  • Road tax submission
  • Logistic overview of transported goods
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